Project Medishare | Back to School for Kids in Haiti
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Back to School for Kids in Haiti

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As we leave the summer behind, studentsand teachers will be starting the 2011-2012 school year. In a thirdworld country like Haiti, children face many preventable health risks.We need your help to diminish these risks and you can do so bysponsoring a school child for the year in Haiti. For a mere $10, you canhelp save a young life by clicking here.

Project Medishare for Haiti developed a School Based Health Program to give every child attending primary schools in the Medisharecatchment area in the Central Plateau a physical exam and healthcareduring the school year, including vaccinations, an assessment foranemia/malnutrition, a vision and hearing screening, a dental check,de-worming and referral to clinics for follow-up. Your generous donation can help guarantee the continuation of this important program forchildren of the Central Plateau. Project Medishare sees approximately12,000 children per year in this program alone.

Project Medishare responded quickly tothe Cholera outbreak last year using different prevention methods. Thiswas possible because of Medishare’s long history of community supportand education. Meetings were held at the schools to train staff andstudents on the signs and symptoms of Cholera. Liquid bleach, watertreatment tablets, disinfectant and oral rehydration salts weredistributed to all of the schools during the first quarter of the schoolyear. Many of the school children participated in Cholera awarenesscampaigns at their local churches on Sundays. We are doubling ourefforts to identify funding in order to provide access to clean water toour populations, most specifically to the school children.

As you prepare your own family andfriends for the start of a productive school year, please consider adonation to support this program to keep Haitian students safe andhealthy. Just $10 sponsors one child, and with a $100 donation, you cansponsor 10 kids to receive healthcare this year. We appreciate yourgenerosity to ensure that children in Haiti have access to thehealthcare they so desperately need.

Thank you for your contribution.


Dr. Barth A. Green