Project Medishare | The Miami Dolphins Give Back
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The Miami Dolphins Give Back

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The Miami Dolphins organization has been incredibly charitable and supportive of Project Medishare. This week at practice was no exception. As you may recall from a previous post the Dolphins helped to reconnect three young boys, displaced by the 2010 Haitian earthquake, with their family members in Haiti. These boys were all MedEvac’ed out of Haiti with serious injuries following the earthquake and received numerous surgeries at Miami Children’s Hospital. 10-year-old Peterson suffered a serious head injury and a severed ear and required 16 surgeries, Junior, a 17-year-old high school student sustained a serious leg injury, and 10-year-old Belix also had a head injury and multiple surgeries.

On Tuesday, August 9th, 2011, Aventura Worldwide Transportation Services picked up the boys and their family members in Miami and drove out to the Miami Dolphins official practice facility in Davie, FL. There they were greeted by coach Sparano’s wife, Jeanette, Ilona Wolpin, Senior Director of Community Relations and Michelle Beck of Community Relations. They were brought to the VIP section of the stands and enjoyed a fun afternoon of watching the Dolphins practice while eating lunch, playing and laughing with each other. The boys were all given Dolphins merchandise including a banner. When the practice was over, the boys were brought down to a special area where they were able to meet many of the players as well as Head Coach Tony Sparano and received many autographs on their banners!

Miami Dolphin Reggie Bush with Junior, Belix, Kristian and Jeanette Sparano. Photo credit: Kelly Gavin

It was an extraordinary day that these Dolfans will surely never forget!

Miami Dolphin Jake Long with Belix, Junior, Peterson & Wadner. Photo credit: Kelly Gavin

On a side note, it was very heartwarming to see some of our special friends, Kristian and Xavier Jack, reunite with Jeanette Sparano and Benny Sapp. They all became very close last year after a tragic event occurred in the Jack family. Xavier and Kristians brother Quentin and their sister Ashleigh moved to Georgia but all of the children formed lasting relationships with Jeanette and Benny.

Head Coach Tony Sparano, Xavier Jack, Miami Dolphin Benny Sapp, Jiovanni & Kristian Jack (front). Photo credit: Kelly Gavin

Special thanks to the Miami Dolphins, especially Ilona Wolpin, Senior Director of Community Relations, Coach and Jeanette Sparano, Michelle Beck, Community Relations and Eric Knowles, Senior Director of Government Affairs. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to Aventura Worldwide Transportation Services and Scott Tinkler for providing transportation for the day.