Project Medishare | Hours left to make a 2010 tax-deductible gift to Project Medishare
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Hours left to make a 2010 tax-deductible gift to Project Medishare

  |   Community Health & Development

When Project Medishare community health agents met 16-year-old Ninitte at a local event in Casse last year, she was severely thin and complaining of pain in her chest.

Ninite (second from the left) with her brothers and sisters at their home in Casse. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

One of Project Medishare’s community health nurses took charge and helped her see a doctor at the hospital in Cange. Ninitte was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Ninitte improved seven months later and health agents helped her return home where they monitored her condition several times a week.

We hope that today, just a few hours away from the New Year, that you will click here make your 2010 tax-deductible year-end gift so that our medical staff and health agents can continue to help young girls like Ninitte.

But it is important to know that Project Medishare’s health agents didn’t stop after Ninitte returned home.

Our health agents knew Ninitte’s mother had passed away, and that when she returned home, it would be Ninitte’s sister, Angeline, primarily caring for her. Health agents provided consistent home visits to not only make sure Ninitte’s health continued to improve, but they also worked with Angeline in teaching her how to cook healthy meals for the family.

“It was very helpful to have training in order to teach me how to cook healthy meals,” Angeline said. “Now I can not only help my sister get better, but hopefully help keep our family healthy.”

If you have given already, we thank you for your continued support of our programs, like the Community Health Program, that not only assisted Ninitte in growing healthy again, but also serves over 100,000 people in Haiti’s Central Plateau.

There are less than 24 hours left to make your tax-deductible contribution to Project Medishare this year. If you have not given, please click here to make your year-end contribution online now.

Happy New Year to all of our supporters and their family. Once again, thanks for all of your support you have all provided this year and in years to come.