Project Medishare | Continuing the tradition to make a difference
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Continuing the tradition to make a difference

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By Jennifer Browning

This past Saturday, Miami Country Day School’s Class of 2000 decided to do away with party favors or gifts at

Miami Country Day School's Class of 2000 gave up party favors and instead donated to Project Medishare.

their 10-year class reunion. Instead, they asked the alumni in attendance to donate money to Project Medishare.

Toward the end of the reunion, the alumni passed around a jar asking for donations. The class of 2000 raised nearly $300 in a matter of minutes.

“We wanted to start a tradition of each returning class giving back to a philanthropic cause in order to continue making a difference as we were taught to do in high school,” Miami Country Day Alumni Kelly Arison said.

Thank you Miami Country Day School alumni for continuing your tradition to give and make a difference.