Project Medishare | Mesi anpil Lady Gaga for supporting Project Medishare’s earthquake relief efforts
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Mesi anpil Lady Gaga for supporting Project Medishare’s earthquake relief efforts

  |   Celebrities, Earthquake Response

This video was made specially for LADY GAGA by Project Medishare and the patients at our hospital in Haiti to thank her for her incredible donation to our efforts to continue saving lives in Haiti. “Mesi” is the Creole adaptation of the french word “Merci” which means “Thank You.”

In the last six months, despite challenges, Project Medishare has made great progress. Existing community health and development programs in the Central Plateau are still continuing their important work and the trauma and rehabilitation hospital is continuing to save lives, providing amputees with a new lease on life, and providing training to the local medical staff. But there is still so much more to be done.

Many heroic volunteer doctors and nurses are still working long, hard hours in Haiti. Project Medishare continues to need of funding in order to obtain supplies, equipment, medicines and to continue our important training program. Thanks to the amazing generosity of Lady Gaga, Project Medishare has been able to continue this life-saving work while empowering the Haitian people encouraging them to lead the charge for a better future for the people of Haiti.

While the news cameras have faded away and most people have forgotten the tragedy of January 12th, Lady Gaga has provided hope that the world has not forgotten the plight faced everyday by the Haitian people. Project Medishare is so incredibly grateful to Lady Gaga for allowing Project Medishare to continue saving lives everyday.

The above video was made in Lady Gaga’s honor by some of the pediatric patients also known as “LADY GAGA’s little monsters” whose lives were saved with her help…the smiles on their faces speak for themselves.