Project Medishare | Project Medishare website undergoing a face lift
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Project Medishare website undergoing a face lift

  |   Earthquake Response, Fundraisers

By Jennifer Browning

If you have been to the Project Medishare website, you may have noticed a different look and a few images missing. Over this weekend, Project is going through a major face lift and moving to a new server. As this happens Project Medishare’s website is “propagating” which is a process where specific servers throughout the world have updated their records for a specific domain.

Our web host began propagating our new site on Friday afternoon. It can take anywhere between 36-72 hours to complete this process.

By Monday, the new site should be fully functional allowing  you to view the newly designed site.

In the meantime, if you are looking for specific links we have provided them below for your convenience.

Donate to Project Medishare

Project Medishare is continuing our relief and recovery efforts in Port-au-Prince at the Bernard Mevs Hospital, as well as continuing working through our existing programs in Haiti’s Central Plateau. Private donations help Project Medishare continue the important work we do here in Haiti in regards to helping improve the Caribbean country’s health infrastructure. Your donation helps us continue to save lives in Haiti. It assists with the purchase of live saving antibiotics, dehydration fluid and deworming medications for children, and important medical equipment. Donations also help us continue providing training to local PICU/NICU nurses and local physical therapy technicians.

Sign up to volunteer

Project Medishare is committed to helping our Haitian colleagues upgrade their healthcare delivery system. We are currently still providing earthquake relief at our field hospital in Port-au-Prince, as well as assisting earthquake victims who have fled to our communities in the Central Plateau through our Community Health Program. See the information below if you would like to be a part of this mission by participating in medical trips to Bernard Mevs, the community hospital we are partnering with in Port-au-Prince. Click here to register as a volunteer now.

Purchase Project Medishare Merchandise

You can continue to show your support of Project Medishare’s efforts by purchasing items from Project Medishare’s online store. Purchase an earthquake relief wristband or a Save Haiti Project Medishare T-shirt to raise money and raise awareness for Project Medishare’s relief efforts.

Get the official wristband worn by the Heroes of Haiti! Project Medishare’s doctors were the first on the ground after the earthquake and they are working around the clock to save lives. The wristband is a replica of the official wristband worn by our doctors and nurses on the ground in Haiti saving lives. The wristbands have been donated, so 100% of your purchase will help fund earthquake relief efforts. Many lives have been lost to this tragedy. But many have been saved by our heroic medical teams on the ground in the initial phase of relief efforts. Most of these patients will require ongoing care and, with your support, our teams will be there to provide it. Purchase a wristband for friends, family, and colleagues as well as for yourself to show your support each day for our doctors’ heroic efforts in Haiti. Click here to purchase your earthquake relief wristband for $5 today.

The SAVE HAITI: Project Medishare T-shirt also available online. Immediately after the quake rumbled Port-au-Prince, Miami Beach artist Romero Britto offered to donate and design our Save Haiti logo on these one-of-a-kind T-shirts. For $25, you can be like Shaq and wear a SAVE HAITI: Project Medishare T-shirt, or for $50 you can own a LIMITED EDITION SAVE HAITI: T-shirt autographed by Romero Britto himself! Like the wristbands these T-shirts have been generously donated, so 100% of your purchase funds relief efforts in Port-au-Prince. Click here to purchase your Save Haiti T-shirt today!

Project Medishare Earthquake Relief T-shirts

In April, Bernard Hopkins showed his SAVE HAITI pride during his fight with Roy Jones, Jr. at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

While training that day, Hopkins sported a Project Medishare wristband and his Project Medishare Earthquake Relief T-shirt. Hopkins won won the 12-round fight by unanimous decision.

Now you too can proudly wear your Project Medishare green, and help us continue our fight to help Haiti through this time of need.

T-shirts are $25, and are currently available in M, L, and XL. They can be purchased online here.

Learn more about healthcare in Haiti

Healthcare in Haiti. Produced by Kimberly Green, “Once There Was A Country” examines the causes of the healthcare crisis in Haiti at the beginning of the 21st century and provides examples on how innovative, self-sustaining healthcare programs can alleviate poverty and disease in the most isolated regions of Haiti. Narrated by Maya Angelou and Guy Johnson, this documentary film is about the turmoil and triumph in Haiti, and features Project Medishare’s Community Health Program in Thomonde. Click here to purchase this very informative documentary and share it with friends and family in your community to spread the word about Haiti’s healthcare crisis.

Project Medishare’s Co-founder Dr. Arthur Fournier writes his memoir about battling the AIDS epidemic in his book “The Zombie Curse: A Doctor’s 25-year Journey Into the Heart of the AIDS Epidemic in Haiti.” Fournier sends out a cry from the front lines about the overwhelming role poverty plays in the spread of AIDS. His awakening came in the early 1980s when, as a faculty physician at the University of Miami Medical School, he saw AIDS spreading through the city’s Haitian population. Dr. Fournier not only chronicles the story of a horrible disease, but also gives tribute to the abundant courage, resilience, and dignity of those beset by tragedy. Purchase this book online to learn more about Dr. Fournier’s journey.

The cost of recovery efforts continue to mount and additional support is desperately needed. As we move forward in our relief and recovery efforts, we continue to need your support.