Project Medishare | Amputee patients continue to be fitted with prosthetic legs
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Amputee patients continue to be fitted with prosthetic legs

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By Jennifer Browning

Last week, Project Medishare’s rehabilitation coordinator Dr. Robert Gailey and prosthetist Adam

Last week, amputee patients began getting fitted for prosthetic legs. Patients who have lost everything in life can now be given a chance to survive and begin their life again. Photo by Michael Trainer.

Finnieston flew to Project Medishare’s field hospital in Port-au-Prince to begin fitting prosthetic legs to amputee patients.

Dr. Gailey said that starting next week, a Certified Prothestists Orthotists (CPO) will be sent down to the field hospital every week to fit patients.

Weeks after the earthquake Project Medishare purchased 500 artificial legs. University of Miami’s Dr. Gailey and prosthetist Adam Finnieston, flew to Port-au-Prince last week with 25 of the prosthetic legs and Finnieston’s company’s Biosculptor System to begin fitting  amputee patients. The system uses technology that uses a portable scanner to transmit 3-D images of residual limbs to the prosthetic factory in Hialeah, Fla. to create custom-fit sockets for them.

The system is already being taught to one Haitian prosthetic technician who has already fitted two people. In the future, more local technicians will be trained.

“If we teach them to care for themselves,” Dr. Gailey said in a Miami-Herald article last week, “they can become an independent nation.”

Violette currently uses a walker as she begins therapy to learn to use her new prosthetic leg. She understands that her new leg brings hours of strenuous physical therapy, but for the first time since the earthquake she feels there is hope. Photo by Michael Trainer.

Last week we told you of the story of Violette. We told you how she came to Project Medishare’s hospital, and how she learned about the prosthetic leg she would be receiving. At the end of last week, Violette was fitted with her new leg, and today she continues her physical therapy to learn to use it.

“I feel very happy about the prosthetic leg,” Violette said. “I’m not use to it yet, but I’m sure with time I will get better, and I will become a normal person.”

Violette said that when she was first fitted with the leg, she said her leg felt hot and it took her a while to get used to it.

“I had a sensation of heat in the leg, but now it’s getting better,” Violette said. “Maybe I won’t be able to do all I use to do before, but I’m sure that my life will be better now.”

Project Medishare is keeping our promise to stick by Haiti through this trying time. While there is progress being made for our patients like Violette, we continue to need support. Three months from the earthquake, there is less media attention and donations are down. Please click here to donate to Project Medishare’s Earthquake Relief Fund today to continue assisting amputee patients like Violette.