Project Medishare | Hand in Hand for Haiti applauds Project Medishare’s exisiting Community Health and Development Program in the Central Plateau
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Hand in Hand for Haiti applauds Project Medishare’s exisiting Community Health and Development Program in the Central Plateau

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By Jennifer Browning

Two weeks ago Hand in Hand for Haiti traveled to Thomonde to visit Project Medishare’s Community Health and Development program.

The Moodie Report, which documents the organization’s project, reported that while there are no easy solutions to Haiti’s problems, that Haiti needs fighters like Project Medishare’s Country Director Marie Chery and “powerful organizations such as Project Medishare who will battle seemingly insuperable odds to create a better Haiti.”

What Martin Moodie is referring to is Project Medishare’s long-standing work in the Central Plateau.

In 2003, Project Medishare started a process to implement a community

Rosemerline Pierre-Louis, community health nurse and coordinator for Project Medishare's PEPFAR grant, checks vitals of a young patient during a mobile clinic visit in Savanne Perdu. As part of the Community Health Program, Project Medishare staff conduct mobile clinics to hard to reach areas like Savanne Perdu in the Central Plateau two to three times a week. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

health program in Thomonde. This program was financed through a three-year grant from the Green Family Foundation. Today, Project Medishare has over 95 local staff of Haitian doctors, nurses, LPN’s, health agents, and administrative staff to provide this care. It includes managing the Ministry of Health clinic in Casse (Lahoye) and conducting a community health program with rally posts, mobile clinics, home visits, community meetings, vaccinations, nutritional monitoring, and providing oral rehydration solution, vitamin A, iron tablets, and anti-worm medication.

In 2008, Project Medishare began collaborating with the Government of Haiti, The University of Florida Institute for Food & Agriculture Sciences (IFAS) and the

As part of the Integrated Community Development Program, Project Medishare's agricultural team has been successful in working with community farmers to promote sustainable farming practices in the area. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

community of Marmont to undertake an integrated community-driven development program. The activities focus on achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s), which are aligned with the government of Haiti’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Plan, and promoting human security in impoverished rural areas through community based investment and community based capacity building. The program is in the pre-implementation, scoping stages and activities have focused on health, agriculture and education.

While Project Medishare is continuing to provide medical relief to earthquake victims in Port-au-Prince, it is important that our Community Health and Development Program continues to meet the goals set forth before the January 12 earthquake, especially with the recent exodus of earthquake victims who left to seek refuge with relatives in rural Haiti.

Click here to read the full Moodie Report about Hand in Hand for Haiti’s visit with Project Medishare.

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