Project Medishare | Post-earthquake ailments arrive at Project Medishare hospital
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Post-earthquake ailments arrive at Project Medishare hospital

  |   Earthquake Response

By Jennifer Browning

Her house was destroyed by the January quake, but her family was spared.Carline
Fermont wanted to keep her family close to neighbors where she felt safe, so the
family set up a tent in their front yard.

Carline Fermont speaks to Sally Urang, a midwife from New York, while her son's temperature in taken. Both of Fermont's children are in the pediatric ward at the Project Medishare Hospital. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

Six weeks ago Carline’s children were healthy. But two weeks ago her 9-year-old daughter¬† became ill and was diagnosed with malaria. There was also something not right with her 17 month old son. He wasn’t eating and he was running a fever.The doctors are treating her son for intestinal worms.

With so many families living outside in make-shift shelters, children become more at-risk to life-threatening diseases such as malaria, Project Medishare nurse liaison Maguey Rochelin said.