Project Medishare | Earthquake hits home for Project Medishare in Port-au-Prince
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Earthquake hits home for Project Medishare in Port-au-Prince

  |   Earthquake Response

By Jennifer Browning

When the violent shaking began, Monique was standing on the second floor in the dining quarters of the Project Medishare’s small office in Port-au-Prince. Within seconds the china cabinet fell on her and rubble surrounded her.

This is what is left of the Project Medishare office in Port-au-Prince. The office housed three staff members, including In-Country Director Marie Chery who was working with the Community Health Program in Thomonde when the quake hit. While the rubble demonstrates how great the damage, Project Medishare was fortunate that no lives were lost.

Buried under the china cabinet and surrounded by broken glass,Monique began to cry and scream for help. She wasn’t sure exactly what had happened, but she knew she was alive and she needed to find her way out.

Noticing a speck of light just beyond her reach, Monique began to carefully crawl her way past the glass and the rubble. When she pulled herself out, she realized she was standing on the roof—which was now at street level.

Monique was the only staff member at the Project Medishare office which provided small living quarters for staff, and we are thankful that her injuries were minor despite what she experienced. She is now staying with her family who live outside the capital city.

Since the earthquake Project Medishare’s staff have worked tirelessly towards organizing logistics on the ground at the Project Medishare and UM Global Institute field hospital in Port-au-Prince, which has offered little time to examine the loss of our own home which is only a small example of the millions who remain homeless today in the capital.

In addition to providing earthquake relief to those hit hard by the January 12 quake, Project Medishare is continuing to examine how the earthquake has affected our existing programs in Port-au-Prince and the Central Plateau.

If you would like to donate towards Project Medishare’s earthquake relief efforts click here.