Project Medishare | Earthquake victims face new threat of disease
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Earthquake victims face new threat of disease

  |   Earthquake Response

By Jennifer Browning

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti–The Associated Press reported today that Haiti’s earthquake victims face a new threat of diseases like tetanus and measles.

Infectious disease physician, Dr. Gordon Dickinson tends to a little girl who was brought to the triage unit and diagnosed with tetanus. Tetanus is rarely, if ever seen in the United States because it is a routine vaccination. Here in Haiti, tetanus as well as other diseases are becoming an unwelcomed reality. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

A 5-year-old girl arrived at Project Medishare/UM Global Institute’s hospital today diagnosed with tetanus.

She had been treated at another location for abrasions to her hips and legs caused by the 7.0 earthquake over two weeks ago. Doctors tending to her were in shock because they had never seen a tetanus case before. In the United States, tetanus vaccines are readily available so the risk of getting the disease is almost non-existent.

Here in Haiti while, various organizations like Project Medishare have programs to vaccinate and track a child’s health, many children still miss out on life-saving vaccines.

These are the new realities Project Medishare/UM Global Institute doctors face as the weeks pass after January 12 earthquake. Our medical support here is ongoing and we need funding. Please support our medical relief efforts by clicking here to make a donation.