Project Medishare | A tiny bit of hope for Haiti’s future arrives
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A tiny bit of hope for Haiti’s future arrives

  |   Earthquake Response

Stefanie Fletcher encourages 22-year-old Christine through one of her many contractions during labor. The doctors and nurses at this makeshift hospital, treat their patients as if they have known and loved them for decades. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti–Christine, 22, was brought into the Project Medishare/UM Global Institute’s hospital. She had been receiving care at another medical facility after suffering a small seizure. On top of the seizure, she had very low blood-pressure and she was 9 months pregnant.

She was transferred to the Project Medishare/UM Global Institute’s medical facility in hopes to receive better care, however hours after arriving, her blood pressure returned to normal and there were no signs of seizures.

Then her water broke.

Doctors monitored her throughout the evening, and by 11 a.m. her contractions were coming closer together. Her obstetrics team, comprised of doctors who have all recently met one another, worked together to help Christine deliver her baby.

During each painful contraction, Stefanie Fletcher, a nurse from Los Angeles, helped Christine focus on her breathing.

“Momma, momma look at me,” Fletcher told her. Christine nodded her head reached for Fletcher’s face and deep into her eyes……a bond.

As the contraction faded, Fletcher pulled out a bag of dried lavender for Christine to smell. The scent wafted across the delivery area calming not only Christine, but those of us surrounding  her.

In the form of a baby boy, a bit of hope is born in a city currently filled with rubble. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

With each contraction, Dr. Mike Sheehan and Fletcher, advocated Christine to push. The baby was close.

Around 2 p.m. Christine gave a final push…and birth to her healthy baby boy. She named him David–after Fletcher’s son.

Around so much tragedy, suffering there is still life here being born in the rubble filled Port-au-Prince.

Life and a tiny bundle of hope.