Project Medishare | Project Medishare’s Dr. Fournier chronicles example of trauma team’s life saving work
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Project Medishare’s Dr. Fournier chronicles example of trauma team’s life saving work

  |   Earthquake Response

By Jennifer Browning

Five days after the earthquake, a search and rescue team brought an infant six to eight weeks old to Project Medishare’s trauma tea who was stationed at UN Headquarters at the time. Covered in dust and unconscious, she  was found under a pile of rubble five days after the earthquake and she was clinging to life.

The young child had survived the earthquake for five days without water or her mother’s milk. Her pulse was low and she suffered a depressed skull fracture and a flail chest.

A Project Medishare/UM Global Institute pediatrician and neonatal nurse started an I.V. fluid which helped raise the baby’s heart rate….soon the young girl began to move and open her eyes.

But the baby was having trouble breathing due to her chest injury and because these were the early stages of rescue and relief after the 7.0 earthquake, the child needed to be taken to a Prenatal Intensive Care Unit for life-saving treatment.

Project Medishare Co-founder Dr. Arthur Fournier working with the team knew the team had a plane on the runway.

It was leaving in 15 minutes.

Read about how the Project Medishare/UM Global Institute trauma team worked  to treat this baby girl and how in a matter of minutes managed to save her life.

Dr. Fournier’s story is a tale of hero’s and angels in working in Haiti. In the article, the doctor compares the child’s experience and life to Haiti herself.

“This child is Haiti, I realize — the microcosm that reflects the macrocosm. Easily given up for dead, she came back. So will Haiti.”

Read the full story by Dr. Fournier in today’ s The Miami Herald.

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