Project Medishare | Email: Dr. Green saved my mother and her team in Haiti
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Email: Dr. Green saved my mother and her team in Haiti

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By Jennifer Browning

If you had not heard of Project Medishare/UM Global Institute before the earthquake in Haiti, perhaps you are now hearing about the work both organizations are doing on the ground from news reports or here on the blog.

We received this email today sharing what Dr. Barth Green and Project Medishare/UM Global Institute medical trauma teams did for Kathy Rice Schmitt’s mother and her eye care mission team.  Nancy Smith and her team were trapped and eventually rescued from a collapsed building. The email shows that this earthquake that hit a tiny neighboring country like Haiti, has also hit closer to home.

“My mother was in Haiti with an eye care mission team from Dallas and was trapped in a collapsed building with five members of her team. Three of them were seriously injured; one ultimately did not survive her internal injuries.

Dr. Green encountered their team in a makeshift hospital on the Wednesday night/Thursday morning after the quake, and took great measures to ensure that my mom (Nancy Rice, who had suspected back or pelvic injuries that prevented her from walking or boarding a plane), and her injured teammates were evacuated to Miami on a private plane that delivered a team of Florida doctors to Haiti.

Of our team of 12, we have 3 with injuries that are currently healing. We lost Jean Arnwine, who had severe internal injuries and died during surgery on Friday after being evacuated to Guadaloupe. Nancy Rice has extensive crush wounds but no broken bones/internal injuries or permanent physical damage; Dr. Gary Fish has a fractured sternum; Karen Gardner was buried in rubble for 5 hours and has many wounds and may lose the use of her left arm.

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude forever go to Dr. Green. This man is an angel and a blessing for the work he does with the wonderful people of Haiti, and we will never be able to repay him for what he did to save Nancy and the Dallas team.

Kathy Rice Schmitt

(daughter of Nancy Rice, Haiti earthquake survivor thanks to Dr. Green!)”