Project Medishare | Donate safely and wisely when you give to Haiti
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Donate safely and wisely when you give to Haiti

  |   Earthquake Response

By Jennifer Browning

Emails have circulated the past two days warning people of donation scams.The Federal Bureau of Investigation has urged Internet users to be cautious and do their research before giving money to help the relief effort in Haiti.

There are several ways to check legitimacy of an organization and to find out what their role is right now in Haiti:

  • Go to and search for the charity. GuideStar only lists those charities that are registered as 501.3 nonprofits.
  • Go to CNN’s Impact Your World site which is listing agencies and organizations working in Haiti right now. The site organizes the groups by their efforts.
  • Search for the agency and find their website. Read what their all about and what type of service they provide through their charities.
  • Donate to the non-profit either by mailing a check or directly from their website. After you have verified the charity’s credibility, go to their site and donate directly to them. This also ensures that the money will get to them quickly.

Those wishing to donate to the doctors and nurses working with Project Medishare/UM Global Institute should know that their donations, either through Project Medishare’s Earthquake Relief Fund or through Save Haiti Saturday (Project Medishare’s Miami-based support group) will go directly and immediately to earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

Project Medishare
is registered in the State of Florida and was founded by Dr. Barth Green and Dr. Arthur Fournier. Project Medishare has been working in Haiti since 1995 and is committed to long term recovery efforts for years to come. Project Medishare is uniquely positioned to provide disaster relief services in Haiti because of the staff experience, language skills (French and Haitian Creole) and relationships developed over many years working in this impoverished country. Currently, Project Medishare has two trauma teams on the ground at all times.

Project Medishare wants to encourage you to donate to earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, but we also want you to be safe about it. If you would like to donate to Project Medishare’s Earthquake Relief Fund click here.