Project Medishare | Haiti bypasses first two major storms so far during this hurricane season
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Haiti bypasses first two major storms so far during this hurricane season

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By Jennifer Browning

Tropical storm Ana grazed by the tiny Caribbean country and Bill missed it completely. For now, Haiti can take a deep breath as it continues to take a deep breath during the 2009 hurricane season.

About this time last year, hurricanes Faye, Gustav and Hanna ravaged many of the areas Project Medishare serves in Haiti’s Central Plateau. Project Medishare and its staff were personally affected by the storms. Many schools and homes were damaged from fierce winds and many, including several Project Medishare Haitian employees lost their homes.

For now, Haiti waits in hopes to ride out the hurricane season which last year brough devastation, destruction and along with it many health complications including disease and malnutrition. The storms caused water sources to become more polluted and with much of the land deforested, many local crops were destroyed.

Project Medishare is standing by the communities of Thomonde, Marmont, and Casse in hopes that this season leads Haiti to some sort of safe passage in avoiding such devastation experienced last year.

For now, Marie Chery, Project Medishare’s Country Director says Ana and Bill have only brought rain to nearby Port-au-Prince leaving Thomonde with sunny skies.

This week the Associated Press wrote about the challenges Haiti faces this season and how the scars of last year still remain. Read the full story here.