Project Medishare | Clinton’s visit deemed successful
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Clinton’s visit deemed successful

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By Jennifer Browning

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—During his first visit as UN Special Envoy to Haiti, former President Bill Clinton focused on discussing how to support government efforts to brace the country for hurricanes, generate new jobs and increase the delivery of basic social services.

After returning from a visit from Gonaïves, a city devastated by floods last year, Clinton met with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), representatives of the private sector, and women’s groups. While he discussed the challenges facing the organizations in Haiti, the purpose of the meetings were to encourage coordination of NGO activities, ensure private sector investments in the country, as well as the inclusion of women in Haiti’s recovery efforts.

Project Medishare’s Country Director Marie Chery attended the meeting with other NGO’s. Chery said that she appreciated meeting especially because it presented the opportunity to network with other organizations working in Haiti.

“It was a good opportunity for NGO’s to meet each other all in one place,” Chery said, “and to meet colleagues, to know what they are doing and to know about other programs in the country.”

Chery said Clinton wants to create an informational directory of all of the NGO’s in Haiti so there is a reference of all the organizations along with a description of their focus and goals.

“I think the idea he has about the NGO directory will be not only helpful to the NGO community but also for the government,” Chery said, “so that it will enable the government organizations to really regulate and coordinate the activities of the NGO’s, as they should.”

Before leaving Haiti, Clinton joined Haiti’s President Rene Preval during a working dinner with donors. Clinton and Preval encouraged donors to honor their commitments made in April at a pledging conference in Washington D.C.

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