Project Medishare | A chance for life
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A chance for life

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Roselande Bruni, 4, waits with her parents before her going into pre-op. Bruni was diagnosed with a Wilm's tumor which was removed today. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

HINCHE, Haiti– As she was bathing her 4-year-old daughter in early June, Iralande Ulyss began noticing a walnut sized lump on her daughter’s back hip. The lump was palpable and firm to the touch. Three weeks later the mass had grown larger than a cantaloupe. Concerned for her daughter, Iralande brought Roselande to the Hospital in Hinche where doctors performed tests including an ultrasound.

Roselande Bruni was diagnosed with Wilm’s tumor, a kidney tumor that only happens in children. It is caused when there is loss of tumor suppression meaning that the properties the body has to normally prevent tumors from forming, has disappeared.

Lead surgeons Drs. Viraj Master and Jana MacLeod agreed that removing a tumor of this kind is risky, but MacLeod felt that Roselande didn’t have any other options.

Without the surgery today, MacLeod said while it is difficult to determine, the little girl possibly had six months to live because should the tumor show cancerous it would surely spread.

“By doing this surgery today, we are giving her a chance to live a normal life,” MacLeod said. “Her only other option was to go to Port-au-Prince for surgery, but her family cannot afford this.”

The doctors have successfully removed and will send the tumor for biopsy to Port-au-Prince.