Project Medishare | University of Miami medical doctors and students visit Maternal Health Center construction site
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University of Miami medical doctors and students visit Maternal Health Center construction site

  |   Maternal Health Center

By Jennifer Browning

Dr. Barth Green just reported in to let us know the University of Miami students are working hard with Project Medishare’s mobile clinic team. He sent us the above photo from his Blackberry as he stands with the Project Medishare/UM Global Institute team who were visiting the Maternal Health Center site this morning.The construction of the Maternal Health Center in Marmont which broke ground at the end of January was funded 100 percent by Greig Family and is currently under construction.

Currently there is only one hospital with an obstetrician available to serve five towns in the upper Central Plateau: Hinche, Thomonde, Maissade, Thomassique, Cerca LaSource, and Cerca Carvajal. While the clinic in Marmont does offer maternal services such as family planning along with prenatal and postnatal visits, the clinic does not have the facilities for deliveries. All high risk pregnancies are referred to the hospital in Hinche or Thomonde where there is a small delivery room with a trained midwife.

Upon its completion, the new Maternal Health Center will be open full time with trained staff available and living in the connecting residence. The Maternal Health Center in Marmont will also focus on providing a full package of women’s health services including reproductive health education, family planning, along with HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.

The UM medical students will spend the week in Haiti working with the mobile clinic team throughout Haiti’s central plateau. Keep checking Project Medishare’s blog to find updates regarding their trip.