Project Medishare | Beyond Traditional Borders team sees Project Medishare’s community health program first hand
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Beyond Traditional Borders team sees Project Medishare’s community health program first hand

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By Dan Erchick

Our visit with Project Medishare this week has been excellent. A large part of Medishare success comes from their community-based approach to health care in Thomonde. The number of community health workers serving the population is impressive. Medishare health workers are local residents who have trained to bring access to health care to the thousands of residents living in the area. By partnering with local NGOs and the Haitian government, Medishare has integrated their community health worker program into the system of local clinics and hospitals.

Construction of Maternity Ward & Residence in Marmont January 2009

Construction is underway for a new maternity ward in Marmont. The maternity ward is scheduled for completion this summer.

Today we visited one of these local clinics, in Marmont. The clinic staff of Haitian physicians, nurses, and technicians sees nearly 90 patients a day. Across the street Project Medishare’s new maternity ward is under construction and is scheduled for completion before summer. Marmont is also home to the Integrated Community Development Program. We visited the single public school in Marmont (there are nearly 30 private schools) where Project Medishare has plans underway to improve education and increase gender equality at the school by developing health science curriculum and renovating the facilities, including providing clean water, building separate male and female latrines, and fencing the property to ensure a safe environment. During my time with Medishare I have been continually impressed with both their hospitality and enthusiasm for promoting health and development in this community.

**Dan Erchick is the Program Associate with Beyond Traditional Borders Initiative at Rice University in Houston, Texas.