Project Medishare | Rice University surveys Haiti’s central plateau for internship site
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Rice University surveys Haiti’s central plateau for internship site

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By Janet Wheeler

THOMONDE, Haiti–Visiting Project Medishare and learning about the variety and breadth of programs they are involved in is both exciting and inspiring. It has been most enjoyable seeing a new part of Haiti as all of my previous visits to Haiti have been to Terrier Rouge northeast of Cap Haitien.

A colleague and I are visiting with Project Medishare staff to discuss the possibility of Thomonde serving as an internship site for summer interns in Rice University’s Beyond Traditional Borders global health technologies program.

Our hosts have been most gracious and hospitable from the very first contact before our arrival and it has been great to discover the many opportunities we have to work together in Haiti to achieve common goals for the good of the Haitian people.


Louis Manncé tends to a field in Thomonde which serves as part of the demonstration plot for the agriculture portion of the Integrated Community Development Program. Photo by Jennifer Browning

Today we visited a clinic that Project Medishare has recently been asked to take over in Lahoye where they will staff and refurbish a clinic scheduled to re-open in April 2009. We also visited an agriculture education project in Thomonde that is part of the only Millenium Village Project in the western hemisphere as this time. Local farmers have been able to collaborate with the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture to improve yields and experiment with learning improved gardening techniques to allow them to grow food in containers.

We are looking forward tomorrow to visiting the hospital in Thomonde and the Integrated Community Development Program in Marmont.

** Janet Wheeler is the Program Coordinator with the Beyond Traditional Borders Initiative at Rice University in Houston, TX.