Project Medishare | Project Medishare co-founder featured on The Huffington Post
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Project Medishare co-founder featured on The Huffington Post

  |   Maternal Health Center

By Jennifer Browning

With all the small successes Project Medishare has made, Haiti is still in dire need of help. This was Dr.Arthur Fournier’s message in his article, “Haiti on the Brink” in The Huffington Post. Dr. Fournier writes how individuals can help Haiti in their struggles just like University of Miami medical student, Elizabeth Greig did after her first trip to Haiti three years ago. Greig joined Project Medishare co-founder, Dr. Barth Green and a group of University of Miami students for a week in Haiti. The medical trip changed her life. Greig, after telling her stories from Haiti’s central plateau, inspired family members from Boca Raton and Chicago to finance the construction of Project Medishare’s new Maternal Health¬† Clinic in Marmont.

Dr. Fournier calls for philanthropies to get smart and find novel approaches to help those in need, but believes that the individual, as Elizabeth Greig did, can make a difference.

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