Project Medishare | Thomonde’s Medical Complex and Nutrition Center near completion
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Thomonde’s Medical Complex and Nutrition Center near completion

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The global food crisis has caused a lot of organizations to reevaluate their approach to food assistance. Moving further away from providing short-term relief and investing in long-term agricultural development. Project Medishare has realized that the food crisis is not the first to afflict Haiti, nor in all likelihood will it be the last. However instead of the usual top down approach to hunger relief, this program provides a community-driven alternative to immediately impact food security and sustainable development.

It is widely known that Haiti is the poorest country in this hemisphere and in that comes many barriers.We had hoped to inaugurate the Akamil facility this past summer, however Project Medishare wanted to ensure the outcome will be long- term. We have started a demonstration plot on the property to educate farmers on different agricultural techniques. Project Medishare has also secured partnershipswith the University of Florida Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences to increase crop production as well as with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop a highly nutritious food source.akamil_image-new

The current series of hurricanes devasted many parts of Haiti. Fortunately, the Medical Complex and Training Center is located away from the flooding in the Central Plateau. We have also appointed a competent engineer from Port-au-Prince to design a long-lasting and sturdy facility. Despite that, the Haitian people are at an alarming risk for famine. It is even more imperative for Project Medishare to complete the building of the facility and start producing a local, fortified food with a high energy content. Project Medishare’s technical advisors will support local Haitian farmers so they can increase their production of staple foods in a larger and better quantity.

The Medical Complex and Training Center would not have been possible without the support of every donor. Project Medishare is very thankful for your dedication to preventing malnutrition in Haiti’s most vulnerable populations. It is extremely critical for us to finish the final pieces of this life-changing program and we hope we can count on your continued support.