Project Medishare | Nursing graduate enjoys working with Emory team
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Nursing graduate enjoys working with Emory team

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Mathe Alie Bayard reaches for the sterile gauze as she assists the team with redressing a patient after surgery. Bayard recently finished nursing school in Port-au-Prince where she will officially graduate on Sunday. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

Before Mathe Alie Bayard donning her cap and gown at her nurse’s school, the Port-au-Prince nurse is already working for better health care in Haiti.

Bayard who was studied nursing at a private university in Port-au-Prince said she was excited for a different experience than what she might find in the Haiti’s capital.

“I was so excited when they asked me to come from Port-au-Prince to participate with the American doctors,” she said. “Each time I go out of the city, I always find cases that I wouldn’t normally find.”

She said that working with the Emory team gave her a chance to see how the American doctors treat their patients.

“It has been interesting to see how they practice medicine after the operations,” Bayard said. “I am seeing the way they accentuate their care for the patients, but also how they are quick and efficient.

Bayard will official graduate with her nursing class this Sunday, July 6.