Project Medishare | University of Miami returns to Thomonde
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University of Miami returns to Thomonde

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By Paru Mehta

Today we arrived in Haiti.  As we flew into the Port Au Prince airport, there was a band playing traditional Haitian music.  It was a nice way to be introduced into the Haitian culture.  The airport was very clean, organized, and most importantly it was air-conditioned.  The carried to Thomonde was long.  It began on a deceivingly smooth road, but after about an hour, we saw some very rocky and bumpy roads.  After a few stops, we landed in Thomonde.  The Medishare headquarters are great.  They accommodate us very well.  Unfortunately, when we came, it began to pour, so we were bombarded with bugs that felt like they were the size of hummingbirds while Dr. Fournier gave us some background information on Medishare.  We packed many medicines and then we just relaxed, chatted and read books.  I am very excited about the week ahead of us.