Project Medishare | Taking time to heal
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Taking time to heal

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After spending the night in recovery at Santé Bernard Mevs, Lise Marielle is comforted by her father. Lise had her first cleft lip surgery in Cange when she was 9 months old. Yesterday she had her palate repaired by Dr. Sam McDonald who is here with the University of Miami Department of Plastic Surgery. The UM Department of Plastic Surgery was able to perform these surgeries thanks to a grant provided by The Smile Train. Photos by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

Port-au-Prince, HAITI–During this morning’s rounds, Dr. McDonald stopped by the pediatric recovery room to check on the patients from yesterday. On the list was little Lise. Cuddling up comfortably with her father, she was a bit sore from her palette surgery the previous afternoon, but otherwise Lise was doing well.