Project Medishare | Stories from the surgical room: Dorine Mesidor
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Stories from the surgical room: Dorine Mesidor

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During morning consultations a volunteer medical resident from the University of Miami observes Dorine Mesidor’s scar from an electrical burn she received three years ago. Below: Nervous about going into surgery, Dorine was given a mirror to play with while she waits. Photos by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

Port-au-Prince, HAITI–Infants discover their world by sticking things in their mouth, but sometimes this isn’t the best way to learn. Three years ago Dorine Mesidor was playing with an electrical cord that was plugged into an outlet. Curiously, she placed the dsc_0311.jpgcord in her mouth. Unfortunately part of the cord was not protecting all the wiring inside and Dorine suffered an electrical shock which caused a burn on the corner of her mouth. Dorine arrived with her mother yesterday to see the doctors after she had heard about the team working at Bernard Mevs.

After today the University of Miami Department of Plastic Surgery team will have performed 23 cleft palate surgeries. After two cleft lip surgeries this morning, the remainder of the surgeries for today and tomorrow will be general surgeries.