Project Medishare | Saving sight
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Saving sight

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By Jennifer Browning

Marmont, HAITI–Twenty-seven-year-old Else Jean arrived with at friend at the clinic with a severe infection in the left eye and the right eye was starting to show signs of infection as well. Else said that her eye began bothering her five days ago and when she found out that there were eye doctors in Marmont she had a friend take her.

She was diagnosed with severe conjunctivitis and according to Dr. Michelle Caputo, Else came to the clinic just in time.

“She had severe conjunctivitis that has caused her corneas to start to have inflammation and infection so bad that she could lose her eye,” Dr. Caputo said. “We hopefully caught her infection in time that we save her eye. This is one of the nice things about [Bascom Palmer] coming here so we can treat the acute cases that would otherwise lead to devastating vision loss. This girl would’ve been blind had she not come in to see us.”