Project Medishare | Former Peace Corps volunteer assists medical group
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Former Peace Corps volunteer assists medical group

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By Brian O. Gross (BOG)

Technically, caregivers do a physical examination of the patient, crunch the data, and report the results. Science is often seen as a cold, open-and-shut, just-the-facts discipline, but it’s interesting how delivering the news at a Medishare mobile clinic affects the messenger. Whether it’s the falling, disappointed expression of a patient who has just been told that there is nothing the mobile clinic can provide for them or the relieved face of a mother who has just learned that it’s normal for her infant to burp and vomit, my emotions this week have mirrored that of the patient.

After visiting four villages in four days, I’ve become more and more amazed by the loving spirit, compassion and warmth of the doctors and students on this trip, not to mention the response of the Haitian community in assisting one of its members. Today we saw a woman that had a fever of over 104: a distant cousin left the clinic to deliver the news to her husband, while several other people remained at the clinic to comfort the woman. Haitian resiliency will never cease to amaze me.

* Brian Gross is a former Peace Corps volunteer in Haiti and a translator for this trip.