Project Medishare | Stories from the surgical room: Baby Hope
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Stories from the surgical room: Baby Hope

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Esperancia Simon was abondoned in Les Cayes, about a five hour drive from Port-au-Prince. After her Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy, Baby Hope will have a chance to live a relatively normal life. Photos by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

PORT-AU-PRINCE—Almost 120 miles away in a town called Les Cayes, a carpet bag was placed on a doorstep. When the owner of the house discovered the bag, it wasn’t until the bag started moving that she discovered its contents contained a little girl who obviously had hydrocephalus.

Whole Harvest Mission in Les Cayes made sure Esperancia (whbaby_hope02.jpgich means “to hope for” in French) was taken to a doctor. The local pediatrician estimates the little girl is five to six months old. Whole Harvest Mission got in touch with Healing Hands for Haiti to inquire about surgery for the baby’s condition. After a series of emails, Dr. Ragheb received word of Esperancia along with the baby’s X-rays. Her hydrocephalus was diagnosed as severe.

Dr. Ragheb emailed Project Medishare’s Gabriele Denis asking if Gabriele could get the baby through the proper channels through Healing Hands so the baby could have an operation. Once word spread of possible room for Esperancia on the surgery schedule, missionaries brought the baby to Susan B. Anthony orphanage until Project Medishare’s arrival. She was then brought to Hopital Universitaire de la Paix.

baby_hope_preop.jpgEsperancia became known as “Baby Hope.”

Whole Harvest Mission in Les Cayes brought the little girl to Port-au-Prince in hopes that the surgeons could fit the little girl into the schedule. She had her operation this morning.

While Baby Hope recovers here at the hospital in Port-au-Prince, 20-year-old Marichivane Exume patiently sits by the baby’s side. Marichivane was asked by Whole Harvest Mission to care for the baby while she stayed at the hospital to recover from surgery.baby_hope_etv17.jpg

Marichivane said that she is happy to help out Baby Hope and take care of her while she is at the hospital, but it isn’t an easy job. The hours here are long, Baby Hope cries often, and the recovery room is hot. Like any child, Baby Hope wants to be held, but her condition causes her head to be heavy, making holding the baby cumbersome. This is a reality many parents of hydrocephalus children deal with everyday.

Once Baby Hope recovers she will return to the orphanage where hopefully she will find someone to love her.